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Reliable Commercial Landlord Electrical Testing Huddersfield

If you are a commercial property landlord in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, then you have a duty to ensure that the business premises you rent out are well maintained, healthy, and safe places to work.

When you agree your lease with your tenants, you will stipulate who is responsible for what, but as a minimum and as part of your obligation, it is advisable to undertake an EICR (Electrician Installation Condition Report) every 5 years, or at the beginning of a tenancy agreement. Here at TRS Electrical in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we’re perfectly placed to help you do just that with our bank of talented, qualified Electricians.

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Can TRS Electrical help with my Commercial Electrical Testing?

Yes, we can! Commercial electrical safety can be quite the minefield. In addition to PAT testing, it is your responsibility to check that everything is in full working order. So the electrical fixtures and fittings, such as the wiring, switches, light fittings, plug sockets, etc.

We have many years’ experience of property surveying ahead of your lease beginning, in addition to the electrical testing, so rest assured, your investment is in good, reliable hands. We’ll even assist with the paperwork, by supplying you with the relevant certificates and documentation you need afterwards.

Am I responsible for the electrical safety of my tenants?

Absolutely yes. As the commercial landlord, you’re essentially responsible for the well-being of the people who work in the building you are renting.

That is to say, you will take on the responsibility of providing reasonable steps and precautions to help prevent any personal injury to, or damage to the property of the tenants. Additionally, if the business receives lots of visitors, then your duty of care also extends to them. Unfortunately, the way of the world dictates, that failure to do so, may well result in a costly claim for compensation, or at the very worst, prosecution. Let us help you to keep your tenants and their visitors safe. Call TRS electrical to take care of everything for you.