Preventing Electrical Surges Over Winter

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While an incredible amount of resources go into ensuring our local power grids are protected against winter weather, no system is perfect. The truth is, the harsh snow, sleet and freezing temperatures of the winter season can damage any electrical system at any time, leading to massive power surges. Let’s take a closer look at that:

What Causes Winter Power Surges?

There are four main causes of winter power surges that you need to be on the lookout for. Briefly, they are:

Electrical Shortages

  • An electrical short is when the neutral and ‘hot’ ends of an electrical system connect, and there isn’t any current between them to disperse the load. This results in a rapid ‘surge’ of energy that shorts out the wiring and can lead to sparks that may start a fire. These become more common in the winter months due to increased humidity, and excess use of external house lighting–Christmas lights–which are exposed to the elements.

Improper Grid Repairs

  • Oftentimes inclimate weather can put a heavy strain on local power grids. This leads to damages that need to be repaired in a hurry. Unfortunately, these rush repairs can lead to improper maintenance that may result in grid-wide surges. It’s a shame, but it does happen.


  • Blackouts are when your home, or more likely city block, loses power suddenly. These are very common during winter storms that put extra strain on the powerlines. These blackouts in and of themselves will not cause a winter surge. However, when the power returns there is always a sudden influx of electricity that floods back into your appliances and home. This quick rush of voltage can lead to a massive power surge in your home.

Winter Storms

  • Winter storms are often the underlying cause of the other issues mentioned above. Winter storms can rip down power lines, flood electrical grids, and cause massive amounts of damage to a city power system. This can easily lead to winter power surges.

How to Prevent Winter Electrical Surges

The truth is, surge protectors are going to be your best friend. These magic little devices help protect your electrical systems in your home from a sudden surge of current running through your wiring and destroying your property.

With surge protectors, you can find three types on the market:

  • Type 1: Provides complete protection for your home between the powerlines and your property.
  • Type 2: Provides complete protection for your home between the breaker box and the electrical meter.
  • Type 3: Provides protection at the point of use–I.E your wall sockets.

Using a combination of all three on your home will be the best line of defense against any potential winter power surges that may be on your way this cold season.

Final Thoughts

Our team at TRS Electrical in Huddersfield can help keep your home safe from winter surges this season. We provide residential electrician services as well as commercial electrician services to the area of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Contact us today to find out how we can protect your home from the chaos of winter power surges.

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