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TRS Electrical Services Huddersfield

Electrical Testing

Have your electrical systems checked and certified to ensure that your property is safe, and within regulations.

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PAT Testing

Maintaining proper use of that electrical power and making sure it is safe for everyday use is absolutely crucial to your own…

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Fire Alarm Testing

Having a quality fire alarm system fitted and tested is vital for the safety and security of any commercial, industrial or residential property.

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Electrical Installations

We work closely with our clients to help install, and repair electrical equipment and wiring so that you don’t have to deal with the risks.

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems are a form of secondary lighting that is connected to a backup electrical system in order to remain working even when the main power fails.

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Security Lighting Installation

Most criminals are less likely to commit a crime when they feel they will be seen. Security lighting can be that very ‘spotlight’ that stops them in their tracks.

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TV Aerial Installation

Installing a TV aerial system takes proper care and knowledge from professionals who know how the systems operate, and can get you the best reception.

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Private Landlord

It’s well worth getting into the habit of carrying out an Electrician Installation Condition Report (EICR) every 5 years or at the beginning of a tenancy agreement.

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Commercial Landlord

You have a duty to ensure that the business premises you rent out are well maintained, healthy, and safe places to work.

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LED Upgrades

Upgrading your system to an LED lighting system could be the best money-saving decision you make all year.

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EV Charger Installations

We are experts in the supply, installation, and maintenance of electric vehicle charging systems and can assist you in the process throughout Huddersfield.

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Smart Wiring Systems

Smart wiring systems allow us to fully automate and integrate our homes to operate in a more efficient, and interactive manner.

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Electrical Vehicle Charging Point Installations in Huddersfield

TRS Electrical can supply and install your electrical vehicle charging point at your home or business at a time convenient to you.